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Big Unit Negotiating Team Seated

Negotiating Committees MeetAt the January 29, 2019 Joint Negotiating Committees Meeting for the Big Unit and the Trades Unit, the following members were nominated and elected to serve on the Big Unit's Negotiating Team:

Jim Mallon

Ex Officio Member/Vice President - Supervising Appraiser, Assessor's Office

Cynthia Becker

Ex Officio Member/Secretary-Treasurer - Correctional Technician II, Sheriff's Dept.

Cecilia Boettcher

Public Services Bargaining Unit - Employment Resource Specialist II, Social Services

Sandee Krijakin

Supervisory Bargaining Unit - Supervising Legal Clerk II, Social Services

Elaine Jordison

Clerical Bargaining Unit - Health Information Technician II, Behavioral Health

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