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A Message from the President

UPDATE: 12/16/2019 Jim Mallon receives a promotion to an Assessor's management position. No longer in a SLOCEA represented bargaining unit, Jim resigns from the Board of Directors and as SLOCEA's president. Thank you Jim for your unwavering dedication and commitment to SLOCEA!

October 16, 2019

When I first joined SLOCEA more than 23 years ago, I never thought I’d end up on the Board of Directors, let alone become president of our 72-year-old organization. But here we are.

For those of you who may not know me, I’m Jim Mallon and I assumed the duties of SLOCEA president in October 2019. I first came into county employment in 1996, when I was hired on as a real estate appraiser in the Assessor’s Office. I am currently serving as a Supervising Appraiser in the same department, overseeing a staff of 10 dedicated, hard-working deputy assessors.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve you as president of SLOCEA.

This website is dedicated exclusively to keeping membership up to date on the latest news and information relating to SLOCEA and other developments that may have a direct impact on your career in public service.

As a public employee and a member of our union, it’s important that you stay informed about the many important issues that directly impact the conditions of your employment, your rights as a public sector worker and you and your family’s economic stability.

You can find regular updates about what’s going on with SLOCEA by reading The County Blade, which is delivered to your home at the beginning of each month, or by checking for more frequent and timely updates here on our website. More closely guarded information can be found on the website at the MEMBER PORTAL. (Upper right corner icon)

SLOCEA is here to support you in all your labor relations concerns. Whether it’s negotiating your latest labor contract, representing you in a grievance or disciplinary matter, or any other issue related to your County employment, please call or email the office if you need SLOCEA’s assistance.

Once again, please take the time to read The County Blade or log on to this website to view the latest updates. When we are better informed, we are better organized; when we are better organized we are a formidable force indeed.

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