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New President Assumes Office

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Angela McCormick. I have worked for the Clerk-Recorder for the past 13 ½ years and I’ve been a member of SLOCEA since 2006. I spent years enjoying the union’s summer BBQs and other member benefits without really participating much beyond that.

All that changed for me just after the official end of the County’s “Pain Plan” years. I started reading the The County Blade, I became better informed and, along with many other longtime county employees, I was upset at our then new Board of Supervisors. I was upset at them for not making good on promises that were made when county employees willingly gave up our COLAs to prevent layoffs during the recession.

That was a wake-up call for me. I knew that I had to do more than just attend the BBQs and read an occasional Blade article. I knew that for employees to be taken seriously by the BOS, we would have to put in the work. I volunteered to be a Steward and never looked back. I don’t regret the path I’ve chosen. I find that the more time I spend trying to improve the quality of the lives of my fellow county employees, the better I sleep at night. In 2014, I joined SLOCEA’s Board of Directors. Just a month ago I appointed to the office vice president.

I now find myself preparing to fill the president position. Jim Mallon, our president since October 2019, has promoted out of the Big Unit. As you all know, Jim has been part of SLOCEA for more than 23 years and has been an integral part of the Board of Directors, fighting for our rights and benefits. He was at the table negotiating for our benefits, the same benefits we will be voting to ratify soon. He will be missed at our monthly meetings by all! Congratulations Jim! We know you will do great things in your new position. I will work hard to continue the strides we have been making to improve your lives, the people that take care of the people that live and work in this county.

As I said, I work in the Clerk-Recorder’s office. My department interacts with every person in this county through all their major life events: birth, death, marriage, starting a business, voting, and buying a home. I work with a small but mighty group, dedicated to providing a great customer experience to anyone who enters our doors. If you are getting married, having children, buying property, starting a business or voting in this county, please come in and see us! We’re ready to help!

Remember to stay up to date on the latest news by logging into the Member Only Portal on the SLOCEA website, reading The County Blade and coming to our monthly board meetings. We discuss issues that directly affect conditions of your employment, economic stability and your rights as a public employee. Your membership helps SLOCEA support you, from negotiating our MOUs to representing you in a grievance or disciplinary action. We are only as strong as our members. I encourage you to join us. Come to a meeting. Become a Steward or join the Board!

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