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Announcing the Special Emergency Grant (SEG) Program

SLOCEA is pleased to announce the roll out of our new Special Emergency Grant (SEG) program. The Special Emergency Grant provides a $2,200 cash benefit to any person designated by a SLOCEA member upon the death of the SLOCEA member.

The Special Emergency Grant Program (SEG) program is an internal program, funded and administered by SLOCEA, and replaces the group life insurance plan ($2,000 benefit) previously maintained by SLOCEA. This self-funding and administered program, will allow SLOCEA greater flexibility in getting funds rapidly into the hands of a member’s family, at a time when the funds are most needed. The program is administered and overseen by SLOCEA’s Member Benefit Committee.

The Special Emergency Grant (SEG) program is available to all SLOCEA members in good standing. Accordingly, all members are urged to immediately complete and return the attached Enrollment and Recipient Designation Form. The Enrollment and Recipient Designation Form needs to be completed and returned, even if you previously submitted a beneficiary form in relation to the prior group life insurance plan.

By completing and returning the Enrollment and Recipient Designation Form, you will ensure that a SEG Grant is disbursed to the person that you desire to receive it, upon the unfortunate occasion of your death.


Please return completed forms to:

SLOCEA Member Benefit Committee

Mail to:

1035 Walnut Street
San Luis Obispo 93401

Fax to:


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