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SLOCREA Announces BBQ Event

Annual SLOCREA BBQ Tuesday July 10, 2018
Biddle Park, Arroyo Grande
Place: Biddle Park, 3500 Lopez Drive. Arroyo Grande. CA
Date: Tuesday July 10, 2018
Time: 12 Noon
Cost: Members Freel! Others $10.00 each
Please bring a side dish. salad or dessert and your own table service . We will
provide BBQ Beef & Chicken, plus a green salad, wat er and soft dr inks.
>»»»»»»»»50/50 Opportunity<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Please RSVP by Sunday July 08, 2018 to:
Miki Gillman: mikigillman@gmail.com or 1-805-550-7196
SLOCREA Meetings Remaining in 2018:
Tuesday 07 /10/18: Annual BBQ
12/10/18 Annual Holiday Party
Volunteer Board of Directors:
Monday 10/ 15/18 Luncheon Meet ing with SpeakerMonday
President: Miki Gillman, m1ki9illman@gmai l.com, or 1-805-550-7196
Vice President: Vita Miller, 1-805-704-3173
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer& Membership: Roger Larson, 1-805-801-6651
Director: Larry Batcheldor, 1-805-460-6945
Director: Maureen Dresp: 1-805-544-9695
Director: Arlene Jaron, 1-805-546-1040

For More Information about the BBQ and/or SLOCREA in general, go to: www.slocrea.org

Message from SLOCREA President:

Health Insurance Open Enrollment:
The County will hold several Open Enrollment meetings in the Fal l. One or more may
be specifically for retirees. Open Enrollment is expected to be the 1st half of
October. Watch for notifications from County HR.

Covering SLOCREA · s Expenses:

As you know, our expenses include operating expenses(website, mailings, etc.),

meeting venue, food served at luncheons, etc. To help us cover those expenses

(which have increased over the years), we need to increase what we charge

you for luncheons . Therefore, beginning in October 2018, we'll be charging for
luncheons as follows:

  • October 2018: $15.00 for Members, $20.00 for non-members.
  • March 2019: $15.00 for Members, $20.00 for non-members.
  • May 2019: $15.00 for members, $20.00 for non-members.
Whereas the December Holiday Party and July 2019 BBQ will still be free for
Members, the charge for non-members w,11 be $20.00 for all events.
Annual Membership Dues w,11 remain at $15. 00 through 2019.
We continually reassess our needs.

Who can become a member of SLOCREA? Anyone receiving a pension f rom

Pension Trust. This includes widowed or divorced spouses, as well as Retirees.

Who can be a member of the Voluntary Board of Directors? The Board will consider for Board Membership any SLOCREA Member in good standing who uses a computer with facility, is readily available for our meetings and by smartphone, texts and emails.communicates well , and is willing to do what needs to be done. We typically have 5 General Membership Lunch Meetings and 5 Board Meetings per year. Want to join us? Please let us know!
Sincerely.Miki Gillman, President

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