• San Luis Obispo County Employees' Association
  • 1035 Walnut Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Board of Directors

Meetings: The Board meetings are the third Wednesday of every month, in the the County Government Center, Room 161/162 starting at 5:30PM. All SLOCEA members are invited and encouraged to attend Board meetings. It’s a great way to get involved with SLOCEA. Please call SLOCEA at 543-2021 or email at info@slocea.org for more information about Board meetings.

Agendas: Click here to view the most current Board agenda.

Minutes: Click here to view the archived Board of Directors Minutes.

Articles of Incorporation: Click here to view the Board of Directors Articles of Incorporation.

Bylaws: Click here to view the Board of Directors Bylaws.

Current Board of Directors

Dave Loden

President (Expires 2019)

Facilty Maintenance Mechanic III
Unit: 02 (Trades & Crafts) Public Works
Work: 781-5122

Email: fredware@sbcglobal.net

Jim Mallon

Vice President (Expires 2018)

Supervising Appraiser
Unit: 05 (Supervisory) Assessor
Work: 461-6176

Email: mallon_jim@yahoo.com

Cynthia Becker

Secretary/Treasurer (Expires 2019)

Correctional Technician
Unit: 13 (Clerical) Sheriff-Coroner
Work: 781-4600

Email: becker.cynthia@gmail.com

Gina Pinto

Bargaining Unit #1 - Public Services (Expires 2018)

Social Worker IV
Unit: 01 (Public Services) Public Health Dept.
Work: 781-5529

Emily Pruitt

Bargaining Unit #1 - Public Services (Expires 2019)

Employment Resource Specialist II
Unit: 01 (Public Services) Dept. Social Services
Work: 226-3236

Email: emilygunnphoto@gmail.com

Kealoha Ghiglia

Bargaining Unit #1 - Public Services (Expires 2019)

Environmental Health Specialist II
Unit: 01 (Public Services) Environmental Health
Work: 781-1924

Email: kealoha.ghiglia@gmail.com

Michael Badalamenti

Bargaining Unit #5 - Supervisory (Expires 2018)

Senior Library Associate
Unit: 05 (Supervisory) Library
Work: 781-5991

Email: mbadalamenti@gmail.com

Linda Munoz

Bargaining Unit #13 - Clerical (Expires 2018)

Sr Account Clerk
Unit: 13 (Clerical) Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector

Email: lindeb02@yahoo.com

Robert Diemel

Los Osos Community Services District (Expires 2018)

Water Operator III
Los Osos Community Services District
Work: 528-9376

Email: waterbz2000@yahoo.com

Teresa Collins

Court Supervisory Unit (Expires 2018)

Court Operations Supervisor
Unit: 19 (Supervisory) Superior Court

Email: purpltee@sbcglobal.net

Cristy Cantu

At Large (Expires 2018)

Supervising Admin Clerk I
Unit: 05 (Supervisory) Public Health
Work: 781-4258

Email: donnasmommie@yahoo.com

Brandi Cummings

At Large (Expires 2019)

Environmental Resource Specialist
Unit: 01 (Public Services) Planning & Building
Work: 781-1006

Email: brandi.n.cummings@gmail.com

Angela McCormick

At Large (Expires 2019)

Clerk Recorder Assistant II
Unit: 13 (Clerical) Clerk Recorder

Email: mccormaaj@gmail.com

Erin Stich

At Large (Expires 2018)

Administrative Assistant III
Unit: 13 (Clerical) District Attorney
Work: 781-5821

Email: joesma@me.com

Interested in joining SLOCEA’s Board of Directors? Please call SLOCEA at 543-2021 or email info@slocea.org for more information.