• San Luis Obispo County Employees' Association
  • 1035 Walnut Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


SLOCEA is the exclusive representative and negotiates the contracts for the Public Services (B.U. #1), Trades & Crafts (B.U. #2), Supervisory (B.U. #5), Clerical (B.U. #13), Court Supervisors and Los Osos Community Services District bargaining units. Click on the name of the unit to view its Memorandum of Understanding (contract):

Note: On October 16, 2018, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted to impose terms and conditions on all of SLOCEA represented bargaining units. This action came after the conclusion of impasse procedures and the Board of Supervisors' rejection of two factfinding reports. SLOCEA represented employees are therefore working without labor contracts. However, the Terms and conditions of employment remain in effect until new labor agreements are negotiated. Complete terms and conditions of employment are those contained in the prior MOU's, as modified by County Resolution 2018-260 (see below):

Unit Number Unit Title
1 Public Services MOU (2019-2022)
2 Trades, Crafts & Services MOU (2019-2022)
5 Supervisory Unit MOU (2019-2022)
13 Clerical Unit MOU (2019-2022)
19 Court Supervisors (10/1/2021 - 9/30/2024)
LOCSD Los Osos Community Services District (7/1/2019-6/30/2021) (Side Letter 7/1/2021-6/30/2022)
1,5 & 13 Big Unit Factfinding Report (7/31/2018)
2 Trades Unit Factfinding Report (7/18/2018)
1,2,5 & 13 County Imposed Terms & Conditions (Resolution 2018-260)