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Negotiating Teams

Pursuant to SLOCEA Bylaws, Article VIII, section 5H, "the General Manager or his/her designee shall normally be the Chief Spokesperson for the Negotiating Team at the Bargaining Table".

The following are the employee representatives on the Negotiating Teams for all SLOCEA represented bargaining units. These members will serve in such capacity for the duration of the MOUs for which they negotiated or will negotiate.

County of San Luis Obispo Big Unit (Public Services, Supervisory and Clerical)

1. Jim Mallon (Vice President/Ex Officio Member), Assessor's Office

2. Cynthia Becker (Secretary-Treasurer/Ex Officio Member), Sheriff's Dept.

3. Alison Haggerty, (Public Services) Social Services

4, Sandee Krijakin, (Supervisory) Social Services

5. Elaine Jordison, (Clerical) Behavioral Health

County of San Luis Obispo Trades, Crafts, and Services: Unit 02

1. Dave Loden (President/Ex Officio Member), Public Works

2. Tim Faes, Parks Dept.

3. Dan Linhares, Public Works

4. Leann Siebert, Public Works

5. Kevin Sulitz, Parks Dept.

Los Osos Community Services District

1. Robert Diemel

2. Liz Radvansky

San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Supervisory Unit 19

1. Teresa Collins