• San Luis Obispo County Employees' Association
  • 1035 Walnut Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Collective Bargaining

Represented Bargaining Units

SLOCEA is the exclusive representative and negotiates the contracts for the Public Services (B.U. #1), Trades & Crafts (B.U. #2), Supervisory (B.U. #5), Clerical (B.U. #13), Court Supervisors and Los Osos Community Services District bargaining units. Click on the name of the unit to view its Memorandum of Understanding (contract):

Unit Number Unit Title
BOS Resolution #2018-260 County Imposed Terms & Conditions
1 Public Services
2 Trades and Crafts
5 Supervisory
13 Clerical
19 Court Supervisors
LOCSD Los Osos Community Services District

Call SLOCEA at 543-2021 or send us an email at info@slocea.org if you would like more information about contract negotiations, bargaining units, salary inequity requests or any other topic related to labor relations.