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The County Blade is Going Digital!

New Year - New Look!

Beginning with the January 2022 edition, “The County Blade”, the official publication of the San Luis Obispo County Employees’ Association (SLOCEA) since 1947, will transition to an online digital format and will receive a whole new look. Members and other readers will be able to access each new edition, beginning in January 2022, on SLOCEA’s website: SLOCEA.org.

Additionally, members who are currently signed up to receive SLOCEA email notifications, will be notified each time a new edition has been posted.

This new format will not only update the look of the publication, but it will also reduce print and mailing costs, as well as impact on the environment.

Contributors will continue to be notified prior to publication deadlines and the monthly publication dates will remain the same.

Members may sign up for SLOCEA email notifications by contacting the SLOCEA office at 805-543-2021 or by emailing Administrative Assistant, Brooke Daphne at bdaphne@slocea.org.

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